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En de nuestro interés que todos todos nuestros clientes y visitantes tengan la oportunidad de acceder a información actualizada en el ámbito de la inocuidad alimentaria y de la gestión de calidad.

Food Safety, From Farm to Fork: A Best Practice Approach to Implementing a Food...

Fecha de publicación: 20 de Junio de 2012

    EtQ   Now, more than ever, all food chain stakeholders are required to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and quality. Recent food-related events have led regulatory bodies like the FDA to examine not only their internal processes but to also set forth standards and initiatives to increase regulation and oversight of the food production supply chain. Major food retailers...

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Improving the Effectiveness of Third-Party Food Safety Audits

Fecha de publicación: 23 de Mayo de 2012

by Roy Costa, RS, MS, (MBA) | Nov 28, 2011 The controversy continues over the value of third-party audits in food safety at the fresh produce level, as pointed out by Professor Doug Powell at Kansas State University in his BITES blog. Jim Prevor, produce industry analyst, says changes are needed, while the law firm Marler-Clark is suing a food safety auditor and a third-party auditing firm. The...

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